Shay Kuebler

Guest Teacher

Shay began his artistic development at the age of 5 with dramatic arts at Stage Polaris Theatre Academy, and with martial arts in Shito-Ryu Karate. His early artistic growth would lead to dance and a versatile background in Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Ballet. He continues to pursue and develop his artistic range and versatility, which has led him travel and study music, dance and martial arts in Tokyo, Japan and Salvador, Brazil as well as throughout North America. The range to his artistic background has seen him perform and create for artists such as Neil Young and Naughty By Nature, and numerous Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary companies across Canada including Decidedly Jazz, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, and Citieballet. Some of his T.V. and Film credits include choreography for Bravo Television Network, Hewlett Packard, Psych, Denner in Switzerland, and performances for Hellcats, Once Upon A Time, L Word, Reefer Madness: the movie musical, Codename: the cleaner, One Way, Another Cinderella Story, Like Mike 2, and Nickelodeon’s Spectacular and Jinxed. His unique choreographic ability has seen him commissioned to choreograph for numerous festivals including The Canada Dance Festival, The International Dance Festival of Brazil, and The Baalbek Arts Festival in Beirut, Lebanon. As an artist whose foundation started in martial arts, he is continually aiming to further his ability and versatility, being able to respond to any choreographic and performance requirement.