Moses Layco

Guest Teacher - “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”

A Native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Moses now trains and resides in Vancouver, BC. Trained in all styles of dance with contemporary jazz and hip hop being his forte. The focus of his class is not so much on technique, but more so capturing the emotion of the movement. Moses Started dance at the age of 19 and has continued his passion for the art and never looked back. He continues to inspire others, encouraging them that “it’s never too late to start.”

Moses has worked and trained closely with some of the most influential and sought after entertainers and choreographers in the business. Sonya Teyah, Mandy Moore, Erica Sobol, Chris Dupre, Blake McGrath, Bobby Newberry, Kelly Konno, Luther Brown, Nico Archambault, Wynn Holmes, to name a few.
You may also recognize him as one of Canada’s Top 40 finalists 2 years in a row on the hit show SYTYCD Canada. He has also worked as a featured dancer and actor in such films as Nikelodeon’s Spectacular, The Good Life, and HBO’s series the L Word. He has also been a part of the PNE’s production of Rolling Thunder and Royal Caribbean Cruise’s “Once Upon a Time/ Marquee”.
Having completed a year with one of Vancouver’s most established companies, The Source, under director Joanne Pesusich, Moses continues to train, as he believes you can never stop growing and learning as an artist.