Carole Bonin

Guest Teacher
RAD Ballet

451Carole began her dance training in Vancouver, BC and then furthered her studies in Kelowna, BC with
Gwenyth Lloyd and Betty Farrallay–founders of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.She has supplemented her
knowledge of ballet technique at teacher-training intensives at the Banff School of Fine Arts (Banff,
Alberta), Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (Toronto, Ontario), Royal Academy of Dance (London, GB) and
the National Ballet School (Toronto, Ontario).Carole owned and operated dance studios in both the East
Kootenays (10 years) and West Kootenays (50 years).She has been a member of the Canadian Dance
Teachers’ Association since 1966. Carole obtained her RAD Elementary Teachers’ Certificate / Teaching
Diploma (Hons) in 1976 and her Advanced Teachers’ Certificate / Diploma in 1978–with qualifications
in Anatomy, History, and Music.Carole is a guest teacher at summer schools across Alberta, BC, and
Washington State. She also sat / sits on a number of boards:

  • Vice-President of Performing Arts BC (2012-present)
  • Performing Arts BC (2010-2012)
  • Kootenay Festival of the Arts: Nelson, BC (2010-present)