Solos, duos and trio are individual or semi-private group lessons available to all FULL competitive students in the genre of dance they are currently competing in.

This is a great opportunity for students to work with a teacher/choreographer in a more intimate setting where the focus is solely on improving the technique and ability of that dancer, while boosting self confidence in a non-judgmental environment.



  • All solo/duo/trio lessons are dependent on choreographer and studio availability.
  • A solo/duo/trio consists of 4 hours of instruction.IMG_3776
    • Dancers submit a form to the office indicating the type of routine they are interested in and list three possible teachers they would like to work with
    • If doing a duo or trio, they should list who the dancers will be
      • Dancers are scored on likeness to their partners
      • Contact the office if you are unsure who you would be a good match with!
    • Teachers who are available will make suggestions on what they feel the dancer would be best suited for
    • Teachers will come up with an age appropriate song and choreography that highlights the strengths of that dancer and challenges them at the same time.


  • Forms will be sent out asking dancers which and how many competitions they would like to enter their routine in
    • Competition fees are billed in addition to choreography fees 

 Deadline for Solo/Duo/Trio Applications for 2019/2020 have now closed

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