The ballet program at Shift Dance Academy will be taught using the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. The Royal Academy of Dance program is an internationally recognized program where students are trained in classical ballet dance and examined to reward their efforts. RAD ballet is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education  and specific exams can be counted toward school credits.

Exam Based Classes require students to attend a minimum of 2 classes each week in their designated exam level. It is important to note that RAD grade level does not necessarily correspond with academic grade level. Exams will occur at least once over the course of the dance year, with some exam levels having multiple dates to choose from.

The idea of an exam based class is to teach students of all ages the importance of working hard to achieve something. With the end goal in mind, students work all year to prepare themselves for the exam. Each student is graded individually and exam results are 100% confidential. Exams are available in all levels for both the Graded and Vocational syllabuses.