Shift Dance Academy’s 2018 Year End Recital is composed of 3 unique shows, two evening shows and one matinee.

Please note some classes have been invited to participate in more than one show! Please review the Show Line Up list below to clarify which show/shows your dancers are participating in.

If you have any questions, please contact the office for assistance!

May 30th 6:30pm Show May 31st Matinee 4:30pm Show May 31st 7:00pm Show
ADV Hip Hop Beg Acro (all classes) Advanced Ballet
Advanced Ballet Beg Comp Hip Hop 9-12yrs Grade 3 Ballet
Beg Comp Jazz 12+ Beg Comp Jazz 7-9yrs Grade 6 Ballet
Beg Comp Lyrical 12+ Beg Comp Jazz 9-12yrs Inter found Ballet
Cabo Hip hop Beg Comp MT 8+yrs Julia Solo
Comp Stage Beg Contemporary 10+yrs LA Jazz
Grade 2 Ballet Beg Hip Hop 12+yrs LA Jazz
Grade 2 Ballet Beg Hip Hop 6-8yrs (wed) LA Lyrical
Grade 4 Ballet Beg Jazz 12+yrs Miami Hip hop
Grade 5 Ballet Beg Jazz/Hip Hop 4-5yrs Miami Lyrical
Intermediate Ballet Beg Lyrical 10+yrs Milan Contemp
Jess Solo Beg Lyrical 9-12yrs Milan Hip Hop
Katrina Solo Beg Tap Nicola Solo
Large Group Lyrical Beginner Ballet 11+yrs (Wed) NYC Co Contemp
Miami Contemporary Beginner Ballet 9-12yrs (Sat) NYC Co Jazz
Miami Jazz Beginner Competitive Lyrical 9-12 yrs NYC Co Lyrical
Milan jazz Beginner Hip Hop 6-8yrs (tues) NYC Contemp
Milan Lyrical Beginner Jazz 6-8yrs NYC Hip Hop
NYC CO Contemporary Beginner Jazz 9-12 yrs NYC jazz
NYC CO Jazz Beginner Musical Theatre 9-12 NYC Large Group Jazz
NYC CO Lyrical Competitive Acro Advanced Pointe
NYC lyrical NYC CO Lyrical Rio Jazz
Rhys Solo NYC Large Group Jazz Singers MT
Rio Hip Hop RAD Ballet 6-8yrs (Sat) Tahiti jazz
Rio Lyrical RAD Ballet 6-8yrs (Tues) tahiti lyrical
Teen Beg Comp Contemporary Vienna Jazz Vienna Hip Hop
Vienna Contemp  Tahiti Jazz Vienna Jazz
 Tahiti Lyrical Vienna Lyrical

We are so excited for the shows this year!!